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Also known as dressing gowns, bathrobes are worn to cover one's body after taking a bath. Bathrobes can also be worn over a nightwear, before going to sleep, or upon awakening in the morning. The act of wearing bathrobes was thought to be an imitation of the Japanese act of wearing a yukata or kimono, also serving the same purposes.

What are the types of bathrobes according to fiber?

In general, bathrobes can be made out of cotton, silk, microfiber, or wool. Cotton bathrobes can absorb water and perspiration easily, and are recommended for places with a tropical climate. These kinds of bathrobes are also the most commonly used ones. Lustrous silk bathrobes are more expensive as compared to cotton bathrobes. They are also lighter and more elastic than bathrobes made of cotton. However, silk bathrobes are not suited for wet environments and are not used for bathing, so they serve more as dressing gowns. Bathrobes made of microfibers are also very light and soft, but unlike silk, they can absorb water. Wool bathrobes, on the other hand, are advisable for people residing in colder places.

Who makes bathrobes?

Accommodation Linen supplies all kinds of products for international hotels, including bathrobes. They are the leading distributor for Actil Commercail, Buddies Australia, Billabong, and Sleepmaster. Tenhuei Trade, on the other hand, exports fashion bathrobes to the USA, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Their brands include, but are not limited to, Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, and Armani. Australian garment company Dragon Active Trading also manufactures bathrobes.

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